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Low-income borrowers may soon be able to save hundreds of dollars a month on their mortgage through a new government refinancing initiative being introduced soon. FHFA introduces new refinance options via Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, both announced their own versions of the initiative, which will be available to homeowners. The Fannie Mae RefiNow Matrix has the guidelines for this mortgage program.


The Biden administration has delivered on a campaign promise to deliver a first-time home buyer credit. A new bill called the First-Time Homebuyer Act includes a tax credit of $15,000 for first-time buyers. The Down Payment Toward Equity Act also introduced plans for a $25,0000 grant. Neither bill has passed yet but both have the support of prominent members of congress. Eligibility for the tax credit will be based on a number of factors. These include income and home price. The tax credit will be available to anybody that has not owned a home in the last three years. However, the $25,000 grant will be reserved for first-time buyers.


If you have ever applied for a mortgage, you may have heard lenders refer to loans and wonder what is the difference between conforming vs conventional loans?But if you are a mortgage lender, you are fully aware that referring to a loan and know the differences between conforming vs conventional, knowing doesn’t always mean the same thing.A lot of confusion around conforming mortgages stems from the fact that only conventional loans can be conforming loans. However, not all conventional loans (as you will soon see) are conforming mortgages.So, what makes a loan a conventional loan and what makes it a conforming loan? Can a conventional loan be conforming?Below we will discuss the differences between conforming vs conventional mortgage loans.

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