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Top 10 Mortgage Questions and Strategies

When homebuyers are interested in purchasing their first home, you may search for a mortgage quote or the top 10 mortgage questions and strategies for homebuyers. For instance, how to pick out your first home, how to obtain a mortgage and so on. However

Real Estate Agent or Real Estate Broker?

First Time Home Buyers Guide, Real Estate Agent or Real Estate Broker? Most first-time home buyers know they need one … but which one do they need? Is one better than the other? Is there a difference? And how does a “REALTOR®” fit into the picture?

What is a Bitcoin Mortgage?

First we need to know what Bitcoin is before we speak about What is a Bitcoin Mortgage? First, you must know that this article is hypothetical and merely just our expressed opinions. It is not considered financial advice and any questions should be asked to your mortgage loan originator