Real Estate Hollywood - The other Hollywood

From boating to golf, Hollywood, Florida is a hub for entertainment. There are also amphitheatres, fine art exhibitions, golfing, a beautiful beach, and buildings of cultural significance.

Real Estate Hollywood- What is the Appeal Like?

Real estate Hollywood comes with a lot of appeal. There are stunning beaches to the south, including the Broadwalk. The Broadwalk is 2.5 miles of beachside that often sees a high amount of traffic throughout the day. You also have the burger joint, Le Tub. This is conveniently located not far from Hollywood Beach. Also in the area is the Anne Kolb Nature Centre. With family-owned stores and a shopping mall, it’s safe to say that there is something for every taste and budget. Get an online mortgage quote to help you purchase a property in Hollywood.

Why are People Drawn to Real Estate Hollywood?

A lot of people are drawn to real estate Hollywood for a number of reasons. Some of them include the fact that it is a melting pot for tradition. It doesn’t matter whether you want fashion, vegan food or even art, because you will find it all and more in this bustling neighborhood.

Real Estate Hollywood- Things to Do

People tend to flock to Hollywood because of the stunning beaches. Real estate Hollywood usually puts you close to bar offerings, street art and music. There are also a lot of housing complexes dotted around, not to mention that there are some stunning houses that line the streets. This is one of the many reasons why people visit the area.

Real Estate Hollywood - The other Hollywood

Dining and Entertainment

Characterized by cafes, brick walks and sidewalks, you will soon see that there are plenty of boutiques and even shops to wander into when you move to this location. There are also some fantastic restaurants around Hollywoodaround Hollywood Boulevard and you are only ever minutes away from the beach. Downtown Hollywood is actually on the National Register of Historic Places and it is also the backdrop to various Florida festivals all-year round. Hollywood Florida is home to a lot of creative entertainment options and there are always events being hosted in the streets, adding to the allure of the location and enhancing the general appeal of the neighborhood.


If you would much rather take in some of the nightlife then you should know that Hollywood, FL is famous for it. You can sample some of the international music culture and you also have plenty of jazz and blues too. The R&B bars are not to be missed and the clubs are all concentrated very tightly. This gives you the chance to enjoy a huge range of experiences that are only a few steps apart. It’s safe to say that a fascinating night is always on the cards. The nightlife scene in Hollywood, Florida also tends to draw a lot of people in from other neighborhoods, including professionals who work close to the area.


It’s also very possible for you to hop-on and hop-off as much as you want. You can leave your car at home and you can take the Sun Shuttle bus. This provides residents in the area with a very easy way to access the city. You can also take a trip to see the Gulf Stream on the bus, which gives you many opportunities to see the deep-sea fish in their natural habitat. The great thing about the area is ultimately how close you are to all of the local transportation routes, and if you do drive then the roads are usually very open. After all, nearly everything is within walking distance or easily accessible by public transport and a lot of locals choose to get around this way as opposed to driving. There is even talk of a Brightline train station coming to Hollywood in the future, whether or not that is true, we shall soon see.

Of course, Hollywood has always been a talked-about location in Florida, but the real estate there is stunning. From condos to cozy cabins and more, there is something for everyone. There are also a lot of luxurious homes, with a lot of professionals choosing to seek properties in the area so that they can be closer to work. There are also plenty of amenities, including music theatres and stores. Hollywood really is unlike anywhere else and it helps to make Florida the unique location it’s known for.